I am a writer, researcher, and teacher completing my PhD in Politics at The New School for Social Research. I study the link between the racial and technological orders; or, between the technological use of matter, energy and information and the technological use of human beings.

My dissertation—The Dynamics of Whiteness: Entropy, Technology, and the American Racial Order—traces the concept of entropy as it traveled from thermodynamics to information science and its role as the background “physics” of the algorithmic present. I contend that in codifying disorder as a law, entropy helped consolidate whiteness—from slavery to the present—by locating its productivism, extractivism, and violence in nature.

I approach research as preparation for teaching, allowing me to innovate a curriculum focused on modes of power and experiences typically marginalized in the study of politics. I take inspiration from my previous role as a competitive debate teacher and coach, which gave me the privilege to teach diverse and incisive debaters across New York City and the United States.

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