Allora & Calzadilla - Electromagnetism as subject

A recent exhibition by Allora & Calzadilla. The artists expose elusive and unseen forces: the fluctuations in the electromagnetic current running through the power lines and the wind. In this piece, materiality exceeds complete grasp, but is revealed by the proxy through strewn flowers and iron fillings.

Allora & Calzadilla: Cadastre at Gladstone Gallery, NY

Meter Number 18257262, Consumption Charge 36.9kWh x $0.02564, Rider FCA-Fuel Charge Adjusted 36.9 kWh x $0.053323, Rider PPCA-Purchase Power Charge Adjusted 36.9kWh x $0.016752, Rider CILTA-Municipalities Adjusted 36.9kWh x $0.002376, Rider SUBA Subsidies $1.084

“Cadastre takes electromagnetism as its subject and medium. To make the work, Allora & Calzadilla dropped iron filings on top of a canvas and placed it above an array of copper cables connected to an electrical breaker in the artists’ studio in San Juan, which gets its power from the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority. When the breaker is turned on, the electrical current causes the iron particles to self-organize into a composition of lines and shapes governed by the electromagnetic field.”