Sunday February 26, 2017 - THE NEW SCHOOL


"Genres of Speculation" addresses the modes of fantasy, expectation and forecast at the heart of racialized economies of enjoyment and terror. We encourage attendance to the forms of imagination, fabulation, and thought in the subjunctive mood which strain against the limits of the archive and the structure of violence, knowledge and desire which undergirds modernity's coordinates of power. As the operative logic of the market today, the theme of speculation opens a capacious academic space to explore the emergent character of capitalism and market subjectivity.

The debate programs at UC Berkeley and The New School are collaborating to host the first national high school policy debate round-robin for students who center critical black studies in their argumentation and advocacy along with a day-long symposium that brings into conversation the scholars who inspire their arguments.

This year's national high school topic is about increasing the U.S.'s economic engagement with China. Many black debaters who are refusing the terms of the topic are diagnosing America and the global economy's material and epistemological submergence in an ocean of anti-black violence as a prime site of intervention.

 We are hosting a public symposium the day after the round robin that is relevant to the issues students are thinking through while also being an important site of critical dialogue in its own right. One of our major aims is to bring together high school debaters grappling with central questions in critical black studies with the professors and graduate students shaping the contours of those questions with the cutting edge of their profound intellectual labor. 


Sunday February 26th, 2017 

8:15 AM - 9:45 AM   Panel 1: Graduate Student Panel                         

11:00 AM – 12:45 PM    Panel 2: Race, Life, and Finance Capital

Anna Agathangelou, Political Science, York University

Aimee Bahng, English, Dartmouth College 

Donna V. Jones, English, UC Berkeley

Julia Ott, History, The New School for Social Research

12:45-1:30                      Break/Lunch

1:30-3:15    Panel 3: Blackness and Speculation

 Zakiyyah Iman Jackson, English, George Mason University

Tavia Nyong’o, Theater Studies, Yale University 

Christina Sharpe, English, Tufts University

Jared Sexton (respondent), African American Studies, UC Irvine

3:15-3:30  Coffee Break

3:30-4:30 Panel 4: Black Educational Imagination 

Joshua Bennett, English, Harvard

Michael Dumas, Education, UC Berkeley

Shanara Reid-Brinkley, Communications, Independent Scholar 

4:30-4:45  Coffee and Snacks

4:45-6:15 Panel 5: High School Scholars

6:15-630 Break

6:30-7:45  Keynote Address

Saidiya Hartman - The Anarchy of Black Girls Assembled in a Riotous Manner

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